Finity is Anja Lauvdal and Heida Karine Johannesdottir’s (Broen, Skrap, Jenny Hval etc.) super group featuring Hanna Paulsberg, Andreas Wildhagen, Torstein Lavik Larsen and Kyrre Laastad. Catchy songs and danceable grooves merge with noise, music concrete, jazz, free jazz and sound improvisation.

In August, they release Jazz På Engelsk, Finity's Destiny on Jazzland – an album consisting of Destiny's Child songs dressed in very different robes.

Anja describes how the Finity band project originated:

«Finity was created as a commissioned work that Heida Johannesdottir and I did for Ny Musikk's festival Only Connect in 2018. The following year we released our first album, called We are the granddaughters of the witches you did not burn, a quote from eco-philosopher Donna Haraway. Her work was a great inspiration for the songs on that album, and also for other projects that Heida and I have collaborated on in recent years, and she is also sampled on the first track. Concepts and ideas such as «Oddkin» – to feel love and friendship where you might not expect it, for instance to other animal species such as dogs or bees – and «contact zones» are taken from her thought universe.

Finity's debut album and our duo albums «The Big Bounce» (2020) and «Atlantis» (2018) constitute a trilogy which we will stage as an audiovisual performance at the Henie Onstad Art Center in early 2021. The common theme of these albums is how human beings are parts of, and relate to, nature around us.»

But the Punkt concert will focus on the new album of reworked Destiny’s Child songs. Anja says:

«Heida and I have worked together on projects such as Broen, Skadedyr and as the duo Skrap for about ten years, and we have composed music for jazz orchestra and dance performances. Finity began as our «jazz playground», where we are allowed to work with jazz music based on our own ideas about what jazz can be. And it's a fantastically fun band to play in!»

Heida K. Johannesdottir - tuba
Anja Lauvdal - piano/synthesizer
Hanna Paulsberg - sax
Torstein Lavik Larsen - trumpet
Andreas Wildhagen - drums
Kyrre Laastad – electronics

«Spenstig og spektakulært, der de øyensynlig utvikler et eget musikalsk språk frempisket av kunstnerisk åpenhet og nyfeministiske ideer.» – Audun Vinger, DN

«Helt vilt. Det er da også fristende å kalle dette for et heksebrygg. (…) Musikk som fillerister deg med den ene hånden, men drar deg inn med den andre.» – Ando Woltmann, Morgenbladet

Photo: Jazzland