Frode Haltli / Erlend Apneseth

Frode Haltli and Erlend Apneseth have collaborated extensively over the past few years; Erlend as a member of Frode Haltli’s Avant Folk, and Frode as a guest musician on Erlend Apneseth Trio’s latest album «Salika, Molika», both critically acclaimed albums on the Norwegian label Hubro.

As a duo they appeared for the first time at the «Kongshaug Festival» in 2019, celebrating the sound master Jan Erik Kongshaug, and have since played several duo concerts.  

Erlend Apneseth is one of Norway´s most renowned Hardanger fiddle players. He has received a number of awards, and his albums have been critically acclaimed by several of Europe´s leading music media. In addition to his personal projects, he works within a broad variety of expressions, including musical ensembles in different genres, orchestras, and collaborations with poets and dance-ensembles.

Accordeon player Frode Haltli studied at the Norwegian State Academy of Music and the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Directing his career into explorations of new music, but also interested in experimenting with traditional music and improvisation, he became associated with like-minded musicians such as the trio POING and sax player Trygve Seim, and composers like Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, Rolf Wallin, and Sam Hayden. He has appeared as a soloist with several orchestras and worked with the Arditti Quartett and the Vertavo Quartet. Haltli’s debut CD ‘Looking on Darkness’ was released on ECM New Series in 2002. He has since released several albums on ECM, Hubro and Simax.
Photos:Frode Haltli by Rolf Schoellkopf, Erlend Apneseth by Ruben Olsen Lærk. Combined by Punkt