Anna Linardou: Voices: Where do they come from?

The human voice is undoubtedly the most ancient and versatile instrument.

Throughout its thousands years of history, singing has always been present to the collective activities of the human communities, but also the most immediate way of self-expression.

Human singing is so varied in time and around the world, yet its virtuosity was developed to serve panhuman high ideals. The ancient Greeks pursuing "metron”, the praisers of the Divine, the keepers of tribal traditions and the revolutionary avant-garde vocalists of the 20th century have left us a vast, impressive vocal legacy.  

Diving into this legacy can enrich our experience of the human voice, change our perception of its origins and role and make us realize that singing has not only been an expressive tool of emotions. It is a powerful modulator of the human emotional and spiritual sphere and an instrument of social action.