Svein Terje Torvik: Revisiting Atlantis

Svein Terje Torvik is a music presenter, radio DJ, producer, reporter and critic. Since 2000 he has hosted and contributed to a number of radio shows on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

Torvik is known for covering a broad range of genres with a special focus on experimental forms of rock, pop, jazz, electronic and world music.
At the moment he is presenting and producing Jazzklubben on NRK P2 and NRK Jazz. Other programmes on NRK P2 and P13: Apocalypso, Sløyt & Drøyt, Popfront, Spillerom Søndag.

Svein Terje Torvik's radio show "Atlantis" ran on NRK P13 from 2014 to 2018, and was a favourite among listeners with an eclectic taste inmodern music. In his Punkt Seminar talk, Torvik revisits the program format and includes examples of music that could have been featured now, if the program had still been on air.