Erik Honoré: Recording turbulence

After working for many years as a collaborator with artists like Jan Bang, David Sylvian, Sidsel Endresen, Eivind Aarset and Arve Henriksen, Erik Honoré released his first solo album «Heliographs» on the Hubro label in 2014. The album was very well received, Uncut Magazine highlighting its «artisan delicacy and nerve-tingling beauty» and Dagens Næringsliv calling it «beautiful and inviting music which challenges the listeners’ traditional understanding of song structure».


This autumn, Erik is involved in two new albums: His second solo outing «Unrest» on Hubro and a new duo album with singer Greta Aagre on Jazzland Recordings, «Tuesday Gods».


Both these albums were recorded in a period of upheaval, hence the seminar title. «Turbulence» can refer to both the external unrest that we have all been surrounded by these past few years, and more personal matters. These are among the themes that Erik will touch upon in the presentation, where he will play examples from the recordings and talk about how they were created – technically, conceptually and emotionally.


Production-wise, «Unrest» is very much based on the trademark Punkt Live Remix method: Collecting samples from a generous (in all ways) pool of musicians; treating, organizing and improvising with these samples, and then refining and overdubbing on the material. While «Tuesday Gods» is the result of a more traditional songwriting and recording process.


Still, there are similarities in both working methods and subject matter – and Erik insists that the conceptual and emotional aspect should be the focus of his work, and of this seminar.


Below, you can check out a video with extracts from Erik Honoré’s «Unrest» and a track from Greta Aagre / Erik Honoré’s «Tuesday Gods».





Photo by Kjartan Bjelland