The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (KSO), numbering 71 musicians, is one of Norway’s seven full-time professional symphony orchestras. The orchestra is a young and vital ensemble comprised of musicians from seventeen different nations.

Chief Conductor Natahlie Stutzmann began her tenure in autmn 2018 and will enter her second season with KSO in August this year. Her predecessors include Giordan Bellincampi, Rolf Gupta and Terje Boye Hansen, Principal Guest Concuctor also since season 2018/19 is Julian Rachlin.

The city of Kristiansand, has a nearly 100-year tradition of symphonic music. The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra has existed in its current form since 2003, when the Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra joined forces with Southern Norway’s professional military band.

Within its 42-week season, the KSO performs approximately twenty symphonic subscription concerts, as well as family concerts, educational programs, a chamber music series, and a variety of recording projects.

In 2012, the orchestra moved into its new home, the Kilden Performing Arts Centre. Kilden is also home to Kilden Theatre and Kilden Opera, making a multitude of joint productions with the KSO possible, such as opera, musicals, and collaborative projects with Kilden’s outreach program, Kilden Dialog.

The state-of-the-art technical capabilities of Kilden allow for innovative collaborations with Kilden Digital. With their cooperation, the KSO is able to stream and record concerts. On the riecently established KSO Play, a growing number of concerts and other material are available
NRK, Norway’s national broadcasting service, regularly records the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra’s concerts. In the upcoming seson  CD recordings produced by CPO and NAXOS will be launched.
1st Violins: 12

1. NN V
2. Jonas Båtstrand
3. Solveig Husebø
4. Maria Andrén
5. Sigmund Eikeset
6. Yuka Sato
7. Lars Audun Hadland
8. Katarina Skogheim
9. Loussine Azizian Idsøe
10. Linda Manukyan V
11. Svetlana Jelic
12. NN V

2nd Violins: 10

1. Lene-Marie Helland
2. Armando Toledo Aribú
3. Andrea Berglihn
4. Pål Svendsberget
5. Dorota Grüchot
6. Karen Walthinsen
7. Lars Lunde
8. NN V
9. Daniel Perek
10. NN V

Violas: 7

1. P.O. Lindberg
2. Kjell Åge Stoveland
3. Ivan Zecevic
4. Piotr Slowik
5. Jane Kärner
6. Edda Stix
7. Trygve-Johan Simonsen

Cellos: 7

1. Ariel de Wolf
2. Leonardo Sesenna
3. Maarten Jansen
4. Anne Bræin
5. Jasper Havelaar
6. Mari Marte W Wærvågen
7. Wolfram Kärner

Double Basses: 5

1. John W. Harrison
2. Erik Zeppezauer
3. Jan Mathiasson
4. Alfred Matre
5. Kåre Dalane

Flutes: 2

1. Nina Barkenes
2. Mamiko Miura

Oboes: 2

1. Roar Brostrøm
2. Torunn Irene Kristensen

Clarinets: 2

1. Stig Nordhagen
2. Kari Ingelsrud

Bassoons: 2

1. Odd Lyngstad
2. Thea Iselin Øyhus

Horns: 2

1. Amanda S. Harrison
2. Leif Tore Strandbakken

Trumpets: 2

1. Roy Holtan V
2. Trym Dalene

Percussion: 1

Henning Seldal