Simen Løvgren

Simen Løvgren is a musician from the small town Flekkefjord, all the way south in Norway.
For the past four years he has been a student of Jan Bang at the University of Agder – evolving into his own style and production techniques.

He is part of "/grå” – a live improvising ensamble playing minimal techno. The project started as a branch of the Punkt-festival, and now stands on it’s own legs. They are currently working on releasing their first album. Simen has been involved in Punkt since 2016 where he did a live remix of Atmosphères - Tigran Hamasyan / Arve Henriksen / Eivind Aarset / Jan Bang, and a remix of Now vs Now in 2018.

Løvgren’s music can be hard to pinpoint, as it is always evolving and changing, but some key words might be distortion, noise, wall of sound, contrasts, emotion and last but not least drama.
He draws inspiration from a broad, and sometimes strange variety of sources – drag race culture or scientific theories. You’ll never know what you get.