Walter Laureti & Eirik Ask

Eirik Ask is a keyboard/piano player from Svelgen, Sogn og Fjordane. He have allways had a passion for improvisation and composing. After studying jazzpiano on "Toneheim Folkehøgskule" he started at the Popular Music program at the University Of Agder. His greatest inspiration is playing and meeting with other musicians. 


His meeting with laptop students at the Unvisersity opened up a new world for him. After a rewarding interaction his first time playing with Walter Laureti, it led to this hopefully longterm collaboration. 




Born in Rome in 1996, Walter Laureti is a classical trained pianist and electronic musician. He has played piano and keyboards since the age of eight, and he is currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in electronic music in Rome at Saint Louis College of Music. Last year, during an exchange program he joined the music department of the University of Agder. 


He published several works as solo artist with the name of "Remodel”, with inspiration from great composers, including Alva noto, Murcof and Nils Frahm.  His music tries to create an ambience of sound to soothe, revive and surprise the listener, mixing acoustic instruments with ambient soundscapes. This led to the collaboration with Eirik Ask, with a duo based on live sampling and processing, following the Punkt festival's aesthetic.