Peter Baden

Peter Baden has been working as a musician / composer / arranger and music producer with a number of different artists such as Thea Hjelmeland, Mari Boine, Hanne Hukkelberg and lots of other artist and groups for the last twenty years. He has created works for symphonic orchestras, done a number of commissioned works and several interactive sound- and visual installations. He has written film music for feature films, music for dance performances  made music for over 20 theatre productions, music for several programs and series for TV and radio theatre, as well as well as being the composer for the opening ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer2016, the largest cultural event in Norway in 22 years.

Peter Baden plays drums with electronic as well as doing live visuals using Kinect-cameras and different software. Baden is currently working with several new records, dance performances and film music  but mainly focusing on his own project under a 3year scholarship of Norwegian State.

Baden has created the visual and interactive performance "Rhythms from the Space", which has played for over 100,000 audiences. He also wrote this as a full-time theater performance at the Norwegian Theatre in January 2015, where he wrote script, music, visuals, and was the co-producer besides playing the performance. Baden is now developing the concept both as a book, and as a show for TV.

Peter Baden has composed music and produced a number of records, written music to dozens of theater performances at Norwegian National Theatre, The Norwegian Theatre, The National Stage, Oslo New Theatre, Rogaland Theatre, several private theatres, and nominated several times for the Hedda-nomination . The new youth musicals "Dropout" and "SpringUp" (Norwegian Opera and Ballet) made the Prime Minister and the Royal House to twitter about the music and the musical after the première.


Photo Credit: Tom Henning Bratlie