Sandra Mujinga

Sandra Mujinga will play a live show with her electronic music project NaEE RoBErts. 


The last one in a series of projects and aliases, NaEE RoBErts is distinguished by a clear musical identity combined with a distinctive visual expression, in particular through Mujinga’s self-directed music video experiments. The music takes as its starting point the vernacular and references of pop music, but finds freedom in distorting the conventions by way of repetition in lyrics and usage of unexpected sound samples. NaEE RoBErts started by the artist as a method for collecting and archiving movements for her performances, but after a while she started combining the video material with music, and found video material form YouTube. 


The material collected from YouTube would often consist of recordings of Congolese dancers, showing combinations of traditional and new dance techniques. For Mujinga these were interesting as visual parallels to how genres and traditions grew together and mutated in her own music production. 


Sandra Mujinga, b. 1989, is a Norwegian artist and musician based in Berlin, as well as working in Malmö and Oslo. Recent exhibitions include the Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, the Vigeland Museum, APPARAT - Technologies of Persuasion, Kunstverein Braunschweig, and Subjektiv, Malmö Konsthall. The artist has performed as NaEE RoBErts since 2012. In 2017 NaEE RoBErts was selected as one of the winners of Incubator, arranged by Berlin Community Radio (Where Mujinga also hosts a bi-weekly show). Recent shows include Online Radio Festival, Amsterdam, as well as the upcoming Wysing Festival, Cambridge, curated by Nkisi (NON collective).